stable vs. flexible

stabilize your ankle joints

More stability for your ankle joints is not possible! The special X-Cross technology gives you the security you need to get the maximum out of every movement. Train harder and safer with the unique pressure curve of the RolloSocks®.

strong & robust

Strong yarn for stable ankle joints! The solid and robust fibres of RolloSocks form the abutment under extreme conditions and optimally stabilize your ankle joints.

Black or White

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stable vs. flexible

Stable like an ankle brace or flexible like a sports sock - we have made this balancing act of two opposing parameters our mission! The result, the RolloSocks! The combination of the almost impossible opposites in one product.

anatomical & blister free

Right is not like left! The anatomical fit of the RolloSocks ensures an even distribution of pressure on the foot. Due to reinforced 3D-fabric in the impact and pressure areas, blistering is a thing of the past.

dry & odourless

85% of the fabric of the RolloSocks consists of a high-quality COOLMAX® CORE yarn, which transports moisture away from the body. In combination with the special fishnet structure on the back of the foot, feet stay dry longer in the shoe and odours are eliminated.